1 : food orders must be made before 2pm fri/sat/sun. there are a limited number of lunches made up for later delivery(ordered after 2pm) please see off licence shop. if listed they are available.

2 : off licence orders must be made before 7pm fri/sat(deliver/collect) and 5pm on sundays(collect). or simply call in during pub hours to buy.

3 : we only deliver fri/sat from 7pm.

What time do we start delivering ? — Friday 7:00pm.  Saturday 7pm.

Where do we Deliver ? —  General rule of thumb about 3K from us. So Paulstown area – LeighlinBridge, Bagenalstown.

How much is Delivery? — €3.00 flat charge per order.

DINNER DELIVERY –> What time do I need to order my FOOD delivery to get it same evening ?  Friday  BEFORE 2pm, Saturday BEFORE 2pm. These times are strict. We simply have to know what we need to have ready!  There ARE a limited number of lunches made up for later collection/delivery ordered AFTER 2pm. IF listed, they are available (see off licence menu- evening lunches).

FOOD COLLECT – Friday 10am – 7pm // Saturday 10am – 7pm // Sunday 11am – 5pm.

OFF LICENCE DELIVERY –> What time do I need to order my OFF LICENCE delivery to get it same evening ? Friday  BEFORE 7pm, Sat BEFORE 7pm.  – If you miss the cut off time we will simply give you a refund.

OFF LICENCE COLLECT –? Just call in during pub hours. We are mad to sell drink! Monday-Thursday 3pm – 8pm // Friday 10:30am – 10pm // Saturday 10:30am – 8pm // Sunday 12:30 – 10pm. Just browse “Off Licence” to see what we have in stock.

Can I set up an account? — Course you can. On your 1st order during check out it will ask you if you want to setup and an account. Simply enter your email address, and a password will be sent to you. You can change/update your payment/address etc under “My Account” anytime. All you details are securely stored for next  order.

Do I have to pay up front for delivery’s ? — Yes.

Click & Collect ? — Give us 10 minutes for order to be ready. Probably be ready much faster, depending on how buzy we are.
How to I Collect ? — Simply call in (see signs where to go) your order will be ready for collection, packaged neatly. NO Q’s.

When in the Pub you have to pay online when ordering online!

Over 18? You have to use the registered postal address linked to your credit/debit card during checkout. If we are in doubt your not over 18 we will contact you for proof.